Folder Structure

Organize all of your messages within one central location through multiple folders across different platforms

Your Problem

Got mail?

Currently, your mail is creating a cluttered, distracting inbox that makes it difficult to perform a simple search to find a message. Switching between all of the different messaging platforms, going through junk folders, spam, drafts, and all the rest can be a pain and result in frustration without ever finding the message you are looking for. Consolidating years' worth of mail, messaging, and data from different platforms can seem like a daunting, unmanageable task. How are you meant to find anything? Where will it all be stored? Grotabyte provides a simple solution through its Folder Structure.

Our Solution

Organization is key

Grotabtye's folder structure allows you to shift through all of your different mailboxes in one location. You can organize by different platforms, dates, your main inbox, sent mail, etc. Ultimately, every message you need will be in one place, making it infinitely easier to use our advanced search options and find the exact message you're looking for by entering the criteria you need. Sort by date, name, location, PII, and so many more. Once you find a message feel free to label or flag it to leave for later. Additionally, your messages can hit our archiving system as soon as they enter your main inbox so there's no need to "catch up" on any messages you missed.