On the Clock Synchronization

Allow Grotabyte to automatically sync your messages by creating a copy or choose to sync when your work day is done. Either way, our system is ready when you are.

Your Problem

Missing critical information

By allowing Grotabyte to automatically sync your messages, our resources can be immediately implemented. Once a message is copied, our intelligence can monitor messaging for keywords or phrases that seem suspicious or need to be carefully reviewed. In the case of violent messaging, Grotabyte will automatically flag and alert the reviewer as to the content of the message and action can be taken immediately, avoiding the potential risk. Automatic synchronization allows organizations to take full advantage of all of the resources Grotabyte has to offer in real-time and mitigate risks including cyberattacks, suspicious activity (including fraud and violence), and employee sentiments.

Our Solution

Never fall behind

It's impossible to catch every important message as soon as it enters your mailbox. Often, you will miss important information or see an urgent message half a day after it was sent, missing the chance to take action. It's only human, we can't be everywhere all at once, but this problem does cause critical information to slip past us without a chance to react in a timely manner. Not only does this jeopardize productivity, but can be a major risk factor in regard to safety, compliance, and more.