Our Platform

Grotabyte’s platform has the capability of processing every piece of information, including text, images, emojis, and many more with our semantics-supported AI. Grotabyte not only analyzes your information with speed but with meticulous accuracy.

What You Can Achieve

Intelligent Searching

Search across multiple platforms efficiently through narrowing down criteria with our targeted options and discover the messaging you are looking for including metadata. Easily index your content to aid eDiscovery, information governance, and help your company achieve greater productivity.

Meaningful Insights

Allow our semantics AI System to help classify similar content within your messages and make it easier to go through thousands of documents for review. Label, flag, monitor, receive alerts, and much more through our efficient archiving and classification system.

Consolidated Siloes

Unstructured data and information can break down the organization and efficiency within an organization. Inaccessible information and constant searches can create losses and become cumbersome. By maintaining one platform to search for and maintain the various, siloed levels within a company, you are prepared for compliance issues as well as your own needs. Grotabyte offers an advanced archiving system that is easy to follow and has every piece of information across multiple platforms in one secure location.

Secured Centralized Archiving

Find all of your content in one central location and collaborate with team members by leaving comments on relevant messages with our unique customization capabilities.

These capabilities are just the start. Explore all the solutions Grotabyte has to offer

Our Solutions


Cut time and energy by discovering the exact information you need any time you need it.

Learn more about eDiscovery

Information Governance

Stay ahead of the increasing policies and regulations on data compliance by structuring your data in one centralized location ensuring security for your information and mitigating risk.

Learn more about Information Governance

Self-Serve Personal Archive

Organize all of your messages through our personal email archive and search archive. Never lose track of the messages you receive daily or the ones you’ve received in the past.

Learn more about our self-serve personal archive

Raw Information to Finished Intelligence

Change incoming information received in its original form into intelligence that can mitigate risk, save time, and create a more productive work environment.

Learn more about turning Raw Information into Finished Intelligence


Grotabyte can integrate with any data source, including top-of-the-chart apps, to connect all of your various paths of communication in one unified location.