Secure Centralized Archiving

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Your Problem

Time is money and we’re wasting it

Without a cohesive archiving system and efficient way to search, hours of energy and time can be wasted sifting through documents. There are multiple platforms that organizations use to communicate, and now that employees are working from home, online communication has only expanded. For this reason, information is often lost or not looked over properly creating problems in regards to compliance but also slowing down the productivity within a company when communication gets lost or cannot be produced easily.

Compliance is necessary for all organizations and does not need to be a long, tiring process as it is often perceived to be. With a structured archiving system, organizations can be not only prepared for investigation but helpful in supplying documents efficiently and staying ahead of the curve.

Our Solution

Find exactly what you’re looking for without distractions

Using our search archive, users can narrow down the search for relevant documents by entering specific criteria they need. These criteria can range anywhere from dates, people, keywords/phrases, already existing labels, sentiments, and so many more.

Once a search has been made, our AI will work with you in order to identify similar documents through the semantics- or the relationship between the words. This will expedite the process if a big search is necessary.

In the case of a quick search, users can label, flag, or add comments to the documents they find. For example, if a document has personal information but needs to be exported later, the one reviewing the documents can assign a PII label and a comment recommending that the information be blacked out beforehand.


Efficiency is the name of the game

With Grotabyte’s secure centralized archiving, companies can expect greater productivity. Combined with our file indexing capabilities, labeling features, and so much more you no longer have to worry about wasting employee time and can have an easier time getting the results you need. Beyond the basic help our archiving system provides, it can also offer advanced methods of organization and structure to change the mentality around work that seems tedious. Instead of looking at certain tasks with exhaustion, employees can trust that Grotabyte will make the process easier and so much more enjoyable.