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Grotabyte uses natural language understanding on unstructured contents from various data sources such as emails, workstream collaboration, online meetings, online file storage, websites, and makes it discoverable for your legal, compliance, and regulatory needs.

Intelligent Data Capture, Archiving & Retention

Grotabyte captures data from emails, online meetings, workstream collaboration products, and more and archives to a central hub securely. Intelligent policies can be applied to define data retention.

Document Understanding, Classification & Review

Grotabyte uses deep learning natural language processing and other sophisticated technologies to extract meaning out of your data, classify it and make it available for efficient review.

Privacy Regulatory Compliance

Detect PII, PHI, PCI, custom entities to meet GDPR, CCPA, and similar privacy laws.

Knowledge Integration & Discovery

Data from multiple sources is processed, analyzed, and converted into discoverable knowledge.

Powerful Document Search, Export & Legal Hold

A simple user interface to search across all data sources from a central place for discovery or end-user access and view.

Smart Content Identification & Monitoring 

Set rules based on smart parameters such as PII, PHI, PCI, or standard parameters such as keywords, phrases, users, date range, and more and get the documents flagged for later review or surface the risks earlier.

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