Siloed Conversation Consolidation

Your Problem

No analysis, no insights

The value of data is greatly increased when it can be properly analyzed and turned into insights for a company. Different siloes mean a lack of collaboration between the different departments in a company. The culture of the workplace becomes isolated and it becomes difficult to view the bigger picture for individual employees, not to mention isolated systems create a lack of visibility across the company. Grotabyte wishes to consolidate within companies in order to create a better functioning and more productive organization.

Our Solution

Uniformed Visibility

Most companies can collect large amounts of meaningful data, however, close to 99% of their data is considered "dark data," meaning it is never properly analyzed and therefore never deliver insights that can benefit the company. Data often becomes inaccessible and so far spread out that it is forgotten. Maximizing the information and relevant data that a company has is the main priority for Grotabyte and is made simpler through our conversation consolidation.