Regarding enterprise information archiving solutions, features are an essential factor to consider. IT teams may have specific requirements for features and functionality, such as support for particular file types or data sources, integration with communication, collaboration, and content applications, retention policies, legal hold, data classification, machine learning, technology-assisted review, powerful and flexible searching, end- user access to their archived data, business continuity, and compliance requirements. It is important to ensure that the solution meets these requirements to maximize the value of the investment.

Ensuring Your Enterprise Information Archiving Solution Meets Your Specific Requirements for Functionality

File type and data source support:
Does the solution support the file types and data sources used by your business?

Integration with communication, collaboration, and content applications:
Does the solution integrate with the communication, collaboration, and content applications used by your business, such as email servers, enterprise social platforms, financial platforms, online file storages, SMS/Text, chat, meetings solutions, video conferencing, workstream collaboration, instant messaging, websites, and more?

Retention policies:
Does the solution allow you to set retention policies to ensure that data is kept for the appropriate amount of time?

Legal hold:
Does the solution support legal-hold, allowing you to preserve data relevant to legal proceedings?

Data classification:
Does the solution support data classification, allowing you to categorize data based on its importance and sensitivity?

Machine learning:
Does the solution use machine learning to improve search accuracy and efficiency?

Technology-Assisted Review:
Does the solution support technology-assisted review, allowing you to quickly and accurately review large volumes of data?

Powerful and flexible searching:
Does the solution offer robust and flexible search capabilities, allowing you to quickly find the data you need to find the information you need quickly?

End user access:
Does the solution allow end users to access their archived data, or is access restricted to IT Administrators only?

Business continuity:
Does the solution support business continuity, ensuring that data is available during an outage or disaster?

Does the solution meet relevant compliance requirements, such as those related to data protection, privacy, and governance

There are several factors to consider when evaluating the features of an enterprise information archiving solution:


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